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Mountain Biking : Beginning story

Tabor Mountain: Downhill Beginnings….


Tabor Mountain is excited to bring Mountain Biking to the resort for the 2016 season! We want to let the mountain bikers of the North know what we have been developing out at Tabor and our hopes for the future. In 2005 and 2006 Tabor Mountain opened the Mountain Bike Park in hopes of permanently bringing downhill mountain biking to Prince George, but unfortunately at the time there simply was not enough numbers in riders and support from the community to keep it going. However, it is our belief that mountain biking is bigger than ever and so is our civic pride! Prince George is a beautiful community full of so much potential for outdoor recreation, and we want to contribute to that not only in winter with ski season, but now in the summer with this amazing opportunity. This year is a test run, we started building shortly after ski season to bring you 11 trails built entirely by us at Tabor Mountain! We want to emphasize that these trails were built to show you the large cross-sections of building styles we are able to bring to you. They are by no means set in stone and we encourage you to provide us with feedback on trails, features and events so we can work with you to make this into something every rider can get behind! What sections did you like? What runs made your heart pound and put a smile on your face? Again these trails are simply a taste test and will be developed on and changed throughout the season. With the hopes of building Tabor Mountain bike park into an epic destination for downhill mountain biking for all of Prince George and the communities of the North, we need you, the riders of Prince George to come ride, show your support, enjoy and share in what we hope to develop. We only hope to expand on this park, the sky is the limit!


We need your support to make this happen!


Ride on,

Tabor Mountain Ski/Bike Resort Comments and suggestions are accepted in lodge at the suggestion box and online at our


Remember, it’s all downhill from here.


Tabor Mountain: Important Information!


It is imperative that we highlight the importance of strict adherence to the resort hours. Anytime the resort is not open it will be considered under construction and public will not be allowed to access the hill. We are working hard to make lift access mountain biking a permanent installment to Prince George’s amazing recreational attributes, but with Tabor Mountain safety is always our

primary concern. This resort is for you, the rider, and all of the riders that come after.


If you have any concerns please contact Conrad in the lodge.


Thank you,


Tabor Mountain Ski (and Bike!) Resort