Trail Progression

Mountain : Trail Progression


Tabor Mountain: Trail Progession

Rougher singletrack trails with small rocks and and rollers

Designed for new downhill mountain bikers already comfortable with riding flat trails.

These trails are the “easiest” we can offer but remember there is no “easy” in down hill mountain biking and the trails may still be considered “hard” to beginners.



Rougher terrain with tighter corners and steeper grades.

Larger natural obstacles, including roots and rocks and manmade features.

Suited for riders who have mastered all beginner trails.

2000px-Ski trail rating symbol-black diamond.svg

Steep grades with large technical features, including rocks, roots, and drops.  

Technical handling through tight trees and rough sections.

These trails are for advanced riders only. The terrain is black not just the features within the trail.

600px-Ski trail rating symbol-double black diamond.svg

Steepest grades with the most technical features.Warming up on intermediate and advanced trails encouraged.

We provide ride arounds from some non-rollable obstacles but remember the ride around is still graded to the trail.

A black diamond ride around is still black diamond graded.