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1. small-green-circle-clipart-1Baby Moose: An offshoot beginner trail full of big round rollers joining up with Easy Doe's It. Rolly. Polley. Awesome.

2. small-green-circle-clipart-1Easy Doe's It: Best for your first time downhill mountain biking and children. Enjoy the scenic view. Calm. Flow. Fun.

3. square-xxl Drippy Snout: A great trail for transitioning from beginner to intermediate. Mellow speeds weaving in and out of the woods with small steep sections, roots, burms, and features. Mellow. Curvactious. Variety.

4. square-xxlLoosey Goosey: More difficult intermediate run with dirt and wood features, rocks, roots and wide open sections. Has a little of everything. Flow. Fun. Fabulous.

5. square-xxlT-Boner: Upper intermediate run with dirt burms, rollers, and table tops. Hop, Pop Awesome.

6. square-xxlBeaver Burms: Work your way through this maze for an awesome upper intermediate run. Burms. Burms. Burms

7. 600px-Ski trail rating symbol-double black diamond.svgMoose Grinder: Intense double black diamond trail with large drops, jumps, rock gardens and super steep sections. Advanced Riders Only!!! Gnarly. Fast. Steep.

*Only way to access Broken Antler is through Moose Grinder so ADVANCED riders only.*

8. 2000px-Ski trail rating symbol-black diamond.svg Broken Antler: Tight offshoot of Moose Grider with narrow, gnarly terrain. Tight. Winding. Wicked.

9. 2000px-Ski trail rating symbol-black diamond.svgMoose In Rut: Be prepared for fast paced steep rocky terrain. Fast. Rocky. Radicle.

10.2000px-Ski trail rating symbol-black diamond.svg Hairy Rump. End your line down Moose In Rut with this awesome wide open trail with rollers, burms and hips. Vast. Fast. Fantastic.  

11.600px-Ski trail rating symbol-double black diamond.svgUp Your Antler: This is our interpretation of a high end machine built run. Full of mandatory drops, gaps, table tops, step ups, step downs, single track and huge hips. Excitement non-stop. Big. Baller. Flow.

12. square-xxl Moose Droppings: 3 levels of drops, blue, black and double black. Pedal. Drop. Repeat.

Trails by difficulty:

Easy Doe's It

Baby Moose

Drippy Snout


Loosey Goosey

Beavery Burms

Moose Droppings

Moose In a Rut

Hairy Rump

Moose Grinder/Broken Antler (Moose Grinder is more difficult but is the only way to get to Broken Antler

Up Your Antler